FtM Muscle Building Pre T

FtM Muscle Building Pre T

How to Build Muscle: A 3 step guide for pre-hormone FtM guys.


Hey, all of you FtM guys out there don’t wait until you are on testosterone to start building muscle. Putting on muscle takes a long time. The sooner you start the better! Also now is the perfect time to lay down a good foundation of strength so that you are ready for when you do start testosterone.


Step 1. Lift weights

More specifically lift progressively heavier weights. When you are looking at programs remember that frequency is important for non-enhanced lifters. You will make faster progress doing a full body program 3x a week and hitting every muscle group 3x a week than you will doing a split routine where you work out 5-6 days a week and only hit every muscle group once a week. Now is the time to master those big important movements like the squat, deadlift, bench press, barbell row, and overhead press.


Step 2. Eat

If you want to build muscle you have to eat enough to fuel your workouts and also put towards building more muscle tissue. Eating at a caloric surplus of about 250 kcals/day is a good place to start if you are comfortable with the amount of body fat you currently have. If you have a bit more body fat on your frame than you want then you might want to keep your calories at maintenance. If you have a lot more body fat on your frame than you want and you are new to lifting then you will likely be able to gain some strength as well as a little muscle while you are eating at a calorie deficit of about 250-500 kcals/day. You will not be able to get away with this forever but if you are a beginner you can probably get away with it for a few months.

You will also want to make sure you are eating enough protein. You will want to shoot for 0.8g of protein per 1lb of bodyweight. As for the ratio of carbs and fat it doesn’t really matter as long as you are getting some of each. Some guys feel better eating more carbs, some guys feel better eating more fat. Experiment and find out which guy you are. Don’t forget to get most of your calories from healthy whole foods rather than junk food.


Step 3. Rest

Your muscles need recovery time so that they can grow bigger and get stronger. Rest days are not a bad thing, if you want to grow up to be big and strong you have to rest. This also means getting enough sleep. If you are on an especially demanding program you might find that you need 8-9 hours of sleep a night to recover. Don’t shortchange your sleep you will just end up shortchanging your gains. No one wants to do that. When bedtime comes around and you would rather watch some more Netflix remember your goal to put on some serious muscle.


Extra Special Bonus Step. Hard Work and Patience

Remember, building muscle is a slow process especially for people who have a female hormone profile. Don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t happen in a week, because it won’t. Building muscle is a process that takes months and years of consistent effort, but it is worth it!

Supplementation for beginners

Supplementation for beginners

What supplements should a beginner take?

A question I often get asked as soon as I take on a new client is “what supplements should I be taking?” When you are a beginner the two things that you want to be worrying about first are:

  1. Your nutrition
  2. Your training

You need to get those two things completely on point before you want to even look into supplementation. Because supplementation is really only the last 10% of the progress you are going to be making and that is after you have very good nutrition and after you are being very consistent with a good training program. If your nutrition and your training are not on point you are wasting your money on those supplements, they are not doing anything for you.

Let’s assume that your nutrition and your training are on point. What supplements should you be thinking about? The first thing you should be thinking about is protein powder. If you are starting to find it difficult to get enough protein in your diet during the day then consider getting protein powder. It does not matter what kind of protein powder. I use a plant based protein powder only because I can not have dairy products and whey protein powder would make me feel sick! If you do not have that sensitivity go for whey protein powder it is usually cheaper and there are a lot more flavor choices. However, if you are not having any trouble getting protein in your diet then protein powder is not really a must. You do not need to be eating protein powder to make the muscle gains you want or to lose the fat that you want to lose. It is a matter of convenience, that is it.

The second supplement that you might want to think about using is creatine monohydrate. Basically what creatine monohydrate does is it helps you get that extra rep or two during your sets. To get any benefit out of creatine monohydrate you have to be taking it consistently every single day (about 5g, depending on what your body weight is). When you are looking for a creatine supplement just get the cheapest creatine monohydrate that you can find. You can get a tub of creatine monohydrate powder and it will last you forever! If you want the added convenience of getting it in a capsule you can do that. You will be paying for that convenience of course, but for some people it is worth it. I just take my spoon full of creatine, put it in my mouth and quickly drink some water. It is like pounding a mouth full of sand.

I am sure what a lot of you guys are asking now is what about vitamins, why is she not mentioning vitamins? Well, if your nutrition is on point you should not need them. Unless you go to your doctor and your doctor tells you that you are deficient in this vitamin or that mineral there is no need to be taking a vitamin.

Just remember when you are researching supplements to take no supplement is going to replace hard work and good nutrition. If you are deciding between buying these supplements or spending that money on good quality food. Get the food instead of the supplements it will do you more good in the long run.


My quest to become she-hulk so far

Quest To Become She-Hulk

My quest to become she-hulk so far!

I have wanted a muscular physique for a long time, but have hesitated to actually set that goal for myself. Not because it would be an atypical goal for a woman in the eyes of general society, but because I knew how much effort I would have to put into it. If I decided that that was something that I wanted to truly strive for I would not be able to half-ass it. The thought was daunting.

Eventually one fateful morning I woke up and decided it would be great to do it and make a video series to document it. It would help keep me accountable and consistent. It would be a great way to document my journey and track my progress.I also hoped that this series would show how much serious, determined and planned effort it takes to put on a large amount of muscle as a female who isn’t supplementing with hormones. And that women do not have to be afraid of getting bulky if they lift more than a 10 pound weight. The series will hopefully also serve as a bit of a road map or guide for the ladies who do want to build a muscular physique, but also prepare them for the difficult journey ahead and help them set reasonable expectations for their progress. The hope is that eventually this series will also help motivate those people.

Just as I finished that thought another thought popped into my head. Such a series had to have been done before. There is no way that I’m the only woman in the world who has a background in the fitness industry, wants a muscular physique and is a big enough nerd that they would want to name a series about that something along the lines of “My Quest To Become She-Hulk.” I will admit that that thought put a dent in my high spirits. Despite that though I was still excited about the idea so I spent most of that day searching for that existing series and running the idea past anyone who would listen.

Much to my surprise I couldn’t find anything that really fit the bill by the end of the day and the overwhelming majority of people who I ran the idea past were supportive and interested. That was that, I decided I should jump into the idea with both feet. I wrote up the exercise program I would follow, decided on a calorie goal and committed to making the weekly series.

The series is now almost three months old and everything is in full swing. There have been, as there always are, a few small bumps along the road but all things considered the series so far has been a success.

Highlights from the journey so far:

During the first few days eating enough food to reach my calorie goal every day proved to be a little bit more difficult than I had expected. I had to make a conscious effort to eat because I always felt full. Oh, and the bloating. There was some serious bloating going on. I had some stomach pain as well. Turns out that I should have maybe ramped up my calories during the first week. Hindsight is always 20/20 isn’t it? The only days that I didn’t have much trouble eating enough calories were the days that I ate out since a meal at a restaurant can easily knock out 1,000 calories or more.

Getting stronger always has been and always will be something that is incredibly rewarding and exciting to me! Every single one of my lifts has gone up since I started bulking. Well, my pull up count is still stuck at 2 but it has stayed at 2 even though I am gaining weight so I am going to count that as that lift getting stronger!

Something I didn’t think about at the time was gaining weight = no longer fitting into my current wardrobe. I have had to do a lot more clothes shopping than someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy it would have liked in the past few months. I’m sure I will have to do more shopping in the future.

One day I accidently kicked the subwoofer underneath my desk so hard that I had bruising all around my pinky toe and walking ranged from uncomfortable to painful for almost a week. Don’t worry I didn’t break anything! This lead to one workout getting skipped altogether and the next two being only upper body workouts that had me laying on a bench with my foot in the air to keep it from swelling. Also there was no one else in the gym when I was working out so no one saw me looking a little silly. Not that people in the gym would have kept me from doing it anyway.

You can watch the series over on my YouTube channel. Here is the first episode to get you started!