Hello, my name is Alana Keeling. I have been interested in health and fitness for many years. As a teenager, I earned my 2nd Dan black belt and taught martial arts classes for years. After completing my martial arts training I began to look for a new way to stay fit and settled on strength training. My own exercise routines have consisted of everything from powerlifting to gymnastics-style bodyweight movements and holds. Once I became confident in my knowledge, I embraced my passion for helping others achieve their exercise related goals and decided that it was how I would make my living. I went on to complete the BCRPA personal trainer certification and then I earned my Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of the Fraser Valley.

I believe in living a healthy and balanced life and this is reflected in my approach to my work.  My goal is to provide quality personal training with a focus on individual needs, positive encouragement, continuous motivation, and patience. I listen to my clients and make necessary adjustments to their routines in order to minimize possible risks and maximize results.

As for my life outside of fitness and my job (yes, that’s right I don’t just live and breathe fitness although it is a very large part of my life), I guess most people would classify me as a bit of a nerd. I enjoy playing video games, reading comics and I always look forward to playing D&D whenever I can. Sometimes I even go outside and go for a walk amongst nature, all the while thinking about how it is a lot like playing Skyrim. I have a poster of Batwoman, that was given to me by my wife, hanging above my computer (which I built myself by the way) that I often look up at when I’m thinking.20150907_095945Crop

I am the sort of person who wants to feel like they’re making a difference and really, truly wants to help people. If at any point I no longer feel like I’m working towards that then I take some time and I think about how I’m going to get myself back on that path. This website is just me doing my best to walk that path.

That should give you a good enough picture of who you are dealing with here. If you haven’t had enough of me yet you can follow me on social media, just click the icons at the top right of the website. There you will find fitness tips, news about what is going on with AKF, and even the odd post that has more to do with my life behind the scenes.

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